Fequently Asked Questions

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Do you provide instructors or tours?

No. We only provide equipment. We have no restrictions on experience. You will be shown/sent a video beforehand to give you an idea of what to do.

Do you provide buoyancy aids?

We provide compulsory bouncy aids for all sizes which we will collect from you at the end of your booking.

How long does it take to kayak to Durdle Door?

On average it is around 1.5 Hrs for a round trip to Durdle Door. This is dependent on the direction/speed of the sea's current. The trip can take as little as 40minutes there and back with a good current behind you.

We recommend 2 hrs minimum for this excursion as this trip can be physically demanding so it is important to factor in your own personal fitness and pace.

Are under 18's allowed to participate?

Yes, but only inside the Cove. Anyone under 18 will not be permitted outside the boundary of the Cove. If they are a strong swimmer and 7 years or above they are welcome to their own SUP (tide/weather dependent). Anyone under 12 years of age are not permitted to use Single Kayaks and must be accompanied by an over 18 on a Double Kayak. 4 years is the minimum age for all activities.

Do I need to pre book?

Walk ins are always welcome but we do recommend pre booking to insure we can provide you with the appropriate equipment.

Can I bring my dog on-board?

Absolutely, but we don't provide buoyancy aids for them. We advise that if they've not done it before that you stay within the Cove.

What happens if my booking is cancelled due to bad weather?

You will receive a full refund if your booking is cancelled due to bad weather.

How many SUPS do you currently have?

We have 15 single SUPs all with a maximum capacity of 220kg.

How long does it take to SUP to Stair Hole and Durdle Door?

It takes 10 minutes to paddle to Stair Hole and just over an hour to get to Durdle Door (if the tide and current are against you). Only experienced paddleboarders are permitted to do this journey.

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