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Welcome to Lulworth Activities.

We hire paddle boards and kayaks out Rudds hotel to be used within Lulworth Cove. Please read out activities pages carefully and then contact us to make a booking.

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Open 7 days a week, 9am - 7pm

Please book prior

Who We Are

Lulworth Activities runs its operations from Rudds, a 1650's boutique hotel conveniently located 20 metres from the beautiful Lulworth Cove beach.

Rudds and Lulworth Activities are family run businesses and will always go the extra mile to make your experience unforgettable. Please always contact us if you have any special requests. 

Lulworth Activities is not permitted to do tours. We hire out all equipment from on site to whomever requires it.

Having a great experience is important, but safety is always our highest priority. Please view our safety page to understand the measures we go through daily to keep everyone safe at sea.

See Rudds website for all additional services to make your experiance in the Cove unique.

Where We Are

Once equipped you will take the 20 metre journey to the World Heritage Site, Lulworth Cove. Here you will embark on your journey, whether it be relaxing on a secluded beach or venturing to the iconic Durdle Door. Lulworth Activities will ensure you have the equipment, more importantly the knowledge, to get exactly what you desire from your adventure.

Lulworth Cove, Stair-Hole and neighbouring Durdle Door lie in the heart of a Jurrasic fold, created around 250 million years ago when the European and African tectonic plates collided. Sea erosion washed away the softer rocks leaving harder limestone behind, creating the Durdle Door arch and the beautiful coastline where Lulworth Cove is found.

Please click below to be redirected to The Jurassic Trust Website.


The Lulworth Cove car park, run by  Lulworth Estate is open 24/7, with an overflow car park for summer months. It's recommended to download the JustPark App before you arrive.

Due to our close proximity to the beach, Lulworth Activities has no direct car access or parking.

Rudds Hotel will be on your right hand side, a mere 30 seconds from the beach and 3 minute walk from the car park. 

Please see Lulworth Estate website for further information on car parking.

Where To Find Us

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